Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guidelines for media.syndicate postings

You could contribute to for media.syndicate through this LINK
Please consider the following guidelines while contributing.

  1. Select most important issues of current affairs – important ones in the real sense. Don’t carried away by the media hype/bias.
  2. Enter title, URL, description and an image link in the submission form – please note the image link is optional
  3. Edit title suitably – let it be brief, precise and interesting.
  4. Let the description be brief. Please do not copy and paste the entire item/article – anyway it is available through URL
  5. Edit the description suitably to remove repetition, maintain continuity, and make it highly readable
  6. Submit it and acknowledge thanks by the media. syndicate team

Additional guidelines

  • Add one/two most important items/day
  • Include opinions, analysis but give priority to unfolding news
  • You could add your comments in the description – use it to expose media bias, analyze and provide insights
  • You could take title, URL, description and image link from different sources