Monday, August 17, 2015

How to consume media?

How to consume media? Or How to streamline media - Guidelines

1.   Unsubscribe the newspaper that is not contributing to the society.  Newspapers that not contributing socially include newspapers that adopt one or more of pseudo secular, atheistic, and liberal editorial policies. Many of these newspapers publish sensual and sensational content.  Most of the mainstream newspapers fall in this category.  Therefore, the task is to identify relatively better one. Apply the same rule for periodicals and any media that you pay money.

2.  Do not share URLs from the media sources that you do not want to subscribe.  Most of online news providers such as google, syndicate news from sources that are biased.  Take little more effort to find URLs from a better media sources.

3.  Do not share or use negative news, images from trouble making news sources. Do not protest actions of troublemakers among media professionals.  Share positive news – preferably from good media sources. If required, generate content on your own about negative news items. Focus on actions/suggestions towards improvement.  Avoid mere analysis of tragedy, sorrowful events from socially damaging news sources.

4. Do not distinguish between mainstream media and other media sources.  Let good media sources replace mainstream media if this is not already the case. Distinguish between good journalists and bad journalists.  Every media channel has both kinds of journalists.  However, bad channels have less number of good journalists and better media channels have less number of bad journalists.

5.  Do not mention negative media sources or journalists by name.  Avoid reading/watching/sharing/citing them.  When required, read them free online for your use selectively.  Do not interact with them by posting comments on their site or writing letters.  Instead, respond to them through your own preferred channels.