Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama's death - Too late, if not too little?

Almost after 10 years since we saw one of the biggest atrocities committed on earth by Islamic terrorists, we hear the news that Osama is dead today. But is it too late, if not too little?

Sure, there is a sigh of relief among all who vehemently or even passively opposed terrorism. There is also a great sense of satisfaction among those who lost the loved ones in the 9/11 crime. But, if we analyze carefully this should have had a great impact had it happened soon after the incident happened. By taking so much time, it looks, there was ample time for Osama to have set a wrong precedence that terrorists can roam scott- free for years after committing a crime - that too of such a high level crime. It also seems like Osama found enough time to have preached his ugly skills to others, has misled others to take up more such heinous acts.

Incidents in Glasgow, India stand as open examples of such acts. We also saw incidents such as protests against Jiladi Posten, French communal clashes in the past decade. They all show either the aggression of Islamic terrorists or the "siege mentality" set among the Muslims who are just a step away from joining the radical groups.

Today Osama might be dead. But the problem is far from over. One way out is to strengthen the community level intelligence, educating the public, making them aware of how to spot & prevent an "about to happen crime". The other way is to make the Muslim community think more rationally about the inciting talks provided by some of their leaders. Educate them that they are being utilized for some kind of mileage by their leaders. Unless we actively engage in multiple strategies to alleviate the issue, it is far from over.

Contributed by: Ananda