Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skewed arguments in public domain

Before trying to address Hindu Bashing, a better understanding of dynamics of a typical discussion is essential. Here, the term world view is used to refer Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or Communism. While analyzing (or discussing) a world view, one of the following routes is taken to arrive at a conclusion.

1. A theoretically faulty framework need not be defended. It deserves to be discarded in favor of a better construct.

2. It is usually possible to suggest modifications to correct a faulty system. But then, the faultless edition is not the same as faulty version. For convenience and by consensus, both could be referred by the same name. If there is no consensus, such referece could create additional confusions. Insisting that they are same is seen as foolishness.

3.When something is wrong, either the understanding/principles are wrong or its application is done in a wrong way. Or both.When something goes wrong, associated theoretical framework is not immediately suspected / discarded. Typically, failure/faults will be attribted to implementation details. Simultaneously, the theoretical framework will be closely evaluated/analysed.

4.This approach is sensible as we should not be misguided by the undesirable results of a incorrect application of a good principle. But, stretching this approach too far by defending an unsound theory leads to undesirable results.

5. A fair principle, correctly applied may bring a situation which is not liked by the individuals involved. In that situation, it is not easy to see fairness of the principle by by those who are involved. Common good is achieved by disciplined individual adherents. Inability of individuals to follow principles may harm the greater common good.

6. On the otherhand, when a faulty system is followed strictly it creates a situation which is not desirable.

7. A system with many principles is typically viewed as a package. Either the package is accepted as a whole or completely discarded. Those who vouch for the package, selectively highlight or temporarily understate certain aspects to ward off attack on the package.

8. There is also a tendency to equate different world views, as a starting point as well as a conclusion of a discussion. Religious systems are considered by some as scientific. Some others dismiss these systems as unscientific.

Fairness demands application of above stated arguments in the same way to different systems (theories, value systems or packages). But unfortunately it is not so. The following is the summary of present day discussion around different world views.

Hinduism is considered as theoretically faulty because there are four varnas. Therefore there is no point in defending / following it. Excerpts from Manusmrithi is cited as a proof to show that women and shudras are discriminated. Untouchability is an inevitable consequence of Achara; shunning it, is the solution.

Soviet collapse, Chinese capitalism, Bengali underdevelopment, Naxal violence have demonstrated repeated failures of the Left. They are generally considered as implementation mistakes. There is not much problem in the theory behind it. Arguments are presented to blame caste feelings as an impediment to communism in its effort to establish a better society.

Inability to live harmoniously with non Muslims, inflexible world view, violent attitudes, Jihad and fatwas have created serious doubts about Islam; its theory and practice. But, Islam is portrayed as a synonym for peace and violence is viewed as a forced reaction from the Islamic society. Suggesting changes to Islamic way of life is a proof that they are pressurized by others. Their anger and revolt is a result of suppression of their identity.

Fixation over conversions, retrograde role played historically - during holocost, against scientists, persecution and colonialism, drive against condoms, women, controversies around child abuse, sex scandals are the challenges faced by the Church. But Church organizations are being appreciated for their leading role in education, health and humanitarian gestures. They are helping Dalits suppressed by Hinduism, When they are doing so much for the society, why should not they attempt to spread their world view?

Thus, the approach of analysis towards different world views (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Communism) is skewed.

[Contributed by SS and VS]

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Times of India - Undertakers of the nation

There are many buffoons on the scene now. As an example, Shashi the boor (Shashi Tharoor). Why was he not equally internet savvy while he lost to Mr Moon in the UN election? I wish he can teach the cattle to tweet. Cattle are much better than prattlers like this buffoon.

There are many criminals on the scene too. As an example, DGP Rat-hole (DGP Rathod of molestation fame). I wonder who taught him. By the way, if Shri Ram Sene folks could go and publicly bash up this DGP, they will garner a lot of support for themselves.

There are many DF's on the scene as well. I ask you to think of examples. I politely suggest this as a homework for you. And I can assure you that this is a very very easy homework!

Coming back to buffoons, criminals and DF's, the Times of India has worsted them all. They have set a new standard of buffoonery, criminality, and DFery. They have a death-wish for our nation. Can even an ass imagine wishing one's own country a new year, the way these idiots did? It looks as if the mantle of Mohandas has descended on them. They want to hatch a plot and lead us to national suicide as skillfully as that crafty sly conspired.

Who was it, who was screaming Enough is enough, post 26/11 on TV. Was it the inimitable Shobha De? I would strongly urge her to terminate her writing contract with the TOI. For the TOI surely is going completely against her. Rather than echoing with Ms De, TOI is saying much beyond It's not enough, they are shouting from the roof-tops that it can never be enough. It is like pronouncing the judgment To be hanged till death.

For the benefit of our vernacular fellow beings, let me mention that the word undertaker refers to a person who digs holes in the ground for the dead to be buried. In that sense, the TOI have arraigned on themselves the title of Undertakers of the nation. And they started this evil exercise on a new year day!

Instead of pursuing aman-ki-asha we need to cherish a man ki asha. We need to look around with fervent hope for a man. When will we get one sane man? Better still, why don't we each struggle and become a man? How long will we keep waiting?