Sunday, September 12, 2010

Discussion on Fundamental concepts

In one of the previous discussion, opinions were exchanged over the definitions of various terms like Dharma, Dharmashastra etc. In fact, we observe that discussions around various aspects of India and Hindu Dharma revolve round this kind of discussions.
To resolve some of these topics once and for all, a separate discussion on the fundamental concepts is found necessary. In this blog, we would like to address the following concepts.

1. Are truth, Justice, equality relative? Or absolute?
2. Is religion and Dharma same? Or different?
3. Is religion/Dharma one? Or many
4. Are all religions same? Are the eseence of their teaching same?
5. What are Dharma Shasta’s? Could we consider Quran, Bible, Manusmrithi as Dharmashastras?
6. Could/should we change Dharmashastras over time?
7. Could we change Vedas? In accordance with our times?
8. If Varna is birth based, is it impossible to justify?
9. Is it not possible to prove that Hinduism as a just system with Varnashrama as its integral part?
Please note that this discussion will focus on fundamental concepts equipping us to resolve more complicated socio-political problems of the day.