Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BJP needs a roadmap to deliver

Archna Chitnis, Minister of Education
Department, Madhya Pradesh issued
an order to teach Gita in schools but
the MP Chief Minister announced
withdrawl of the order in six days
Madhya Pradesh government issued an order facilitating teaching of Gita in schools of the state. Archana Chitnis, Minister of school education department approved the notification and defended the move to teach Gita in schools as an effort to create awareness about Indian heritage - Gita being part of the Indian heritage.   Later, after 5days, Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan announced on Tuesday, 6th August that the government would withdraw the notification to introduce verses from the Bhagavad Gita in Urdu textbooks for classes 1 and 2.

Predictably, Muslim clerics, politicians who are confused about secularism or who are keen in exploiting the existing confusion to their advantage protested against the move. And the government  succumbed to the pressure. Some of the reports stated that the chief minister was not aware of the details of the notification issued by the Minister of school education department.

BJP, as a ruling party, is not able to prevent illegal cow slaughtering.  The governments led by BJP are struggling to pass legislation in this regard.  BJP governments have provided support to Sanksrit to some extent by establishing Sankrit universities and announcing Sanskrit as second official language. But, the governmental support is not enough to revive the language in a meaningful way.  BJP has failed miserably in changing public discourse on English, religion, cultural values, consumerism and westernization.  Not even a single legislation has been brought in any state or in center to alter the status quo in these areas.  BJP has failed to stop illegal expansion of Waqf and Church properties, illegal proselytization activities, Jihadi propaganda leading to communal riots.  It has not succeeded in reviving Hindu spirit among the Hindu populations. 

The party has failed in creating a roadmap.  Its leaders are immersed in power politics.  The present generation of BJP politicians are specialized in realpolitiks and are unable to ideate, plan and strategize implementation of legal measures to achieve the objectives of BJP. 

The way Madhyapradesh government has passed the order on Gita education and the way it has annonced withdrawl of the order after 6 days provides a recent evidence to the state of affairs in BJP. 

Repeated miserable failure of BJP both in government and opposition should alert Hindu civic society to take a proactive stance.  Sangh parivar organizations should take a lead in creating a long term roadmap which are innovative and effective.