Monday, July 17, 2017

Resident rights and Family rights for better Democracy

Western governments are promoting Individual rights as the highest value against the old social institutions such as religion.  It should also be observed that governments are curtailing individual rights and freedom when they act against the state authority.  It appears that the western governments are attempting to isolate individuals from each other and connecting them directly with the state apparatus. Families are weakened, communities are displaced and forced to intermingle while individualism is promoted to extreme levels.  Democracy and globalization is promoted and infact imposed on the rest of the world by the Western powers.  Global treaties, economic as well as military blocks are influencing the adoption of primacy of individual rights bu governments of even eastern and African countries. 

However, overemphasis on individual rights with legalizing LGBT marriages, teaching children to seek legal intervention against their parents, monitoring families through domestic violence and divorce laws have created their own set of problems.  These problems are not just limited to social and psychological aspects but also covering the law and order and public order. Especially in India, emphasis of individual rights and neglect of common rights is creating havoc and multitude of problems.  For example, prevalence of corruption may be attributed to overemhasis of individualism and derecognition of social monitoring mechanisms.  Similarly, it has become easy for vested interests to dominate public affairs for their advantage causing inconvenience to generally law abiding massess.  Garbage, liquor and othe such lobbies are systematically controlling all aspects of the public.  Similarly, the source of  intolerance, terrorism, honor killing, commual riots, illegal conversions and other such problems can be traced to neglect of resident rights, family rights and caste rights.   Civic problems and linquistic problems have roots in neglect of residents rights, locality rights, city/state/country rights.  

As an example, low compliance culture promotes corruption and in town planning department leads to rampant illegal approvals for new constructions.  Owners of houses prefer not to provide parking spaces forcing residents to park their vehicles on roads. This leads to road congestion and never ending traffic problems.  Further, crowded roads leads to living problems and law and order problems with residents troubled by nuisance parking in front of their houses.  As another example, neglect of family rights leads to aggravation of honor killing.  The law does not check incitement of an outsider to a family member to marry without the knowledge or consent and in many cases against the wishes of his/her parents. Interference within a family creates resentment and difficulty to family members which is unnecessary.  During the conflict and in conflict resolution, individual freedom tramples the family rights and thereby rights of other family members against the freedom of an outsider.  It is hightime to give common rights its due while managing public affairs.