Monday, December 14, 2009

Thayee's (Mom's) Children in Trouble?

The conflict between the Reddys and Yeddy has taken an interesting turn. The Thayee of all thayees, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has instigated a CBI inquiry into the mining activities of Obulapuram Mining Corporation, the fund factory of the Reddys. Reddys' thayee, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj is rendered mute! Since these obedient sons have assiduously maintained that they always obeyed the dictats of their esteemed thayee, any indictment of the Reddys would implicate their thayee as well!

Santa-Banta are laughing their intestines out!

Santa's guess is that the thayee who was furious that Yeddy was not seeking her blessings, may herself be forced to seek Yeddy's blessings now!

But the question is, how can Yeddy bless the thayee? By reinstating Ms. Shobha Karandlaje and Mr. Baligar?

Banta's surmise is that now the Reddys will be looking for either a thande (Dad) or switch from thayee to ajjee.

Can my honorable readers make out who the ajjee is? By the way, ajjee in Kannada means grand-mom.

I am very happy that the things have come to this pass. I hope that these things are taken to their logical ends. The opportunistic thayees must realize that the political heights that they have attained in their career is owing to the austerity of the khaki-shorts wearing legitimate children of the RSS, and not the embezzled funds of the their even more uncouth illegitimate political children, like the Reddys.

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  1. The children are now disappointed that their thayee's blessings are not enough to save them. They need blessings from Thayee of all thayees. But unfortunately in the overall scene it looks like no body is blessing the thande of farmers(Yeddy). Can he bless others by being thande of all thayees or will he be made an orphan!