Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Women's reservation bill, another DF-ery

Yesterday, March 8, 2010, on the international woman's day, Women's Reservation Bill was introduced in the parliament. Today, March 9, 2010, Rajya Sabha passed the bill.

What can a bunch of idiots, who have been educated in the Jawaharian Education System, propose as solution, other than a degenerated form of Affirmative Action.

B. R. Ambedkar had proposed the reservation for the SC/ST for 10 years, starting in the year 1947/1950. When did it end? Oh, will it ever end? Has it made the status of SC/STs in India much better? The answer is essentially in the negative.

Now a lot of my readers are outraged when I use the phrase DF (Dumb Fuck) liberally and frequently. But I am facing a very difficult situation myself. Indian political system keeps throwing up so many people who deserve the phrase that I would be accused of partisanship if I denied this title to some while showering it on the rest.

Going by the effect that reservation for SC/ST has had for their group, can we say that reservation as a policy has worked? In my opinion, reservation has worked only in a few cases like travel booking. On social front it has not only not worked, it has failed miserably.

Now, if something does not help as a solution, what should one do? Should one use one's creative energies in trying to identify different solution techniques, or should one try more of the same thing? And what if more of the same thing does not work? Should one try even more of the same thing?

Our political elite, across party lines, form groups who advocate more, even more, and so on, of the same thing, when it is abundantly clear, that the thing does not work. That is why I call them DFs.

So, I oppose this Women's Reservation Bill. Then do I stand beside the Lalus, and Mulayams? No. Lalus are Mulayams are opposed to the bill in the present form, otherwise they are forever in support of Reservation Bills. That is why, they are bigger DFs.

If reservation does not worked for other groups, and it is common experience that it has not worked; then it will not work for any new group, even if it be that of women.

But it is the quality of DFs, to try more rather even more and more of the same thing, though the thing does not work. We need to put a stop to this DFery.

Oppose the Women's Reservation Bill.


  1. Women's reservation bill is one such initiative which will support many shobha karandlaje.

  2. This may be true. However, the following important distinction must be remembered:

    Opposing Women's Reservation Bill is not to be confused with Opposing Women!

    I have advocated Opposition to the Women's Reservation Bill.

    We must also oppose any unfair discrimination. Whether the unfair discrimination is based on gender, religion, or caste, does not matter. What matters is that it is unfair. And we must oppose unfairness.

    Women of the caliber of Ms Shobha Karandlaje do not need the crutches of Womens' Reservation Bill. They are strong enough to contest and win elections against any candidate. And they have demonstrated this ability time and again.