Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tormentor or Savior, the language is the same!

Arundhati Roy in her ramblings on Naxalism, social justice etc. uses the phrase the ‘Brahmanic Hindu state’ to vent her anger against the Indian state. Justice Michael F. Saldhana speaks about Brahmanic dominance of Hindu society. Both are Roman Catholics and they are often joined by deracinated Hindus who either are ignorant or deliberately feign ignorance about the origin, structures, religious and cultural practices of the Hindus. [Article by Dr. Vijaya Rajiva]

Justice Saldhana, disagreeing with Somashekar report on attacks on Chrristians in Karnataka, says that impartial inquiry cannot emanate from government steered by a ‘Hindu’ nationalist party.

Brahmins, according to Hindu baiters, have played a leading role in Karnataka’s Hindutva movement. Hindu nationalism is driven primarily by Brahmins desperate to preserve caste privilege. As those at the very top of the Hindu caste system, powerful Brahmins have the most to lose from any spread of Christian egalitarianism. So they are compelled to fight Christianity – unless ofcourse the Holy Spirit transforms and humbles their hearts.

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva, The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university, analyses these reactions. The writer correctly identifies the assault on Bharat by the two proselytizing faiths : Islam and Christianity.

"Since independence missionaries have conspired to balkanize the country so that the Christian faith can spread unquestioned and unopposed. It also helps that real political power is in the hands of an Italian Roman Catholic, quite indifferent to Hindu India, and is said to be behind much of the discrimination practiced against Hindu religious centres and institutions. People like Saldhana spread various canards ....".

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva attempts to prove that Hinduism is as much non brahminical as Brahminical as alleged by Saldana or Arundhati Roy. He shows that at present, increasing number of non Brahmin Hindus are taking important positions in all walks of life. And finally says that both Arundhati and Saldana set up a straw man, a Brahman, and then try to demolish it.

Increasing number of pro Hindu thinkers are toeing similar line. They articulate the insignificance of Brahmins in the overall Hindu map. They stress the minority nature of Brahmins and highlight the increasing number of non - Brahmins in all prominent walks of life. In summary,

1. Votaries of Christian egalitarianism and Islamic Universal Brotherhood are painting non-Brahmins as the exploited population within the Hindu society.

2. They are also accusing Brahmins as discriminators and practicers of untouchability.

3. Increasing number of supporters of Hinduism are highlighting the non-Brahmin aspects of Hinduism and undermining Brahminical aspects of Hinduism.

By 1, non-Brahmins are being provoked against Brahmins and as their anger grows, they are made to believe that Hinduism as a synonym to Brahminism. A non-Brahmin could easily be separated from Hinduism to be later converted to non-Hindu fold.

By 2, Brahmins are made defensive and apologetic so that their reasoning is blunted against conversions.

By 3, Hindu supporters are trying to neutralise the arguments of anti Hindu accusers - by demonstrating that non-Brahmins are as much part of Hinduism as Brahmins.

Hindu reformists are advocating reservation in education and jobs, discouraging caste practices in food, vocation, marriage and customs. Some of the fundamental tenets of Hinduism related to non-materialistic view point are compromised in the process.

By the way these reforms are being carried out, the argument that non-Brahmins are exploited population within the Hindu society is reinforced. This implies that Brahminical practices created discrimination in the society at some point of time knowingly (or unknowingly) by the Brahmins.

By reinfrocing the arguments of a Hindu baiter, a misled non-Brahmin will grow more conviction in his/her erroneous judgements about Hinduism. By reforming Hinduism through materialistic lens, both a Brahmin and a non-Brahmin, will go further away from a thinking process which may be the only path available to us for achieving world peace and individual realization.

[Contributed by SS, SH and KHB]

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  1. The term brahminical-hinduism can not be understood unless one understands who brahmanas are!

    Arundhati Roy and Saldana and their ilk are "brahmanas" of the religion of "Mohandasian Ambedkarian Secularism-Reservationism", and the oppressed non-brahmanas (Upper caste Hindus) will do well to understand this.

    The brahmanas of Hindutva-brigade are empty-suits of the Sangh Parivar type.

    However, brahmanas in hinduism in the canonical sense are akin to the scientists in relation to science.

    Of course, in a nation where people like CNR Rao are "scientists" doing "science", it is no wonder that Mohandasianism and Ambedkarism dominates and Arundhati and Saldana are its brahmanas.

    And we agree with Saldana that an investigation by the alleged can not be taken to be reliable. But again in a nation where Manmohan claims to be Caeser's wife, Saldana and Arundhati too can claim likewise. Except that they are as unbelievable as Manmohan is.

    And talking about doctored investigation, never forget Romila Thapar's history, the Aryan Invasion Theory (fasle story) by the British, and Mohandas's version of Hindu wisdom.

    Saldana and Arundhati are not fools. They are evil! As their other companions are.