Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jaipur blasts probe: Medical student detained

Rajasthan police has made a breakthrough in Jaipur serial blast case when they arrested Abrar Ali, a medical student of SMS medical college. Abrar i s alleged to have supplied ammonium nitrate for the bombs used in the blasts.


  1. Gujarat police must have provided the clue. The credit should go to Narendra Modi for his political will. He has showed that it is possible to contain this problem. Those who are spreading the 'invincible' image of terrorists are the same people who are more interested in destabilizing the Indian systems.

  2. If SIMI is banned, they will continue in some other name. I think, it is right time to think about the root cause for the terrorism and the supporting system they have including the politicians. A firm step should be taken to punish all the people who are supporting them. And, the culprits should be sentenced to death instead of keeping them behind the bars. They may hijack one more plane and demand for release of these terrorists in future, otherwise.