Monday, August 18, 2008

The summary of "Why Muslims are hated by so many? Yahoo answers"

Muslims insist that Islam is the only true religion. They advocate annihilation of those who refuse to embrace Islam.

Many agree that there are only few Muslims who are violent - but because they are visible, people generalize it to the entire Muslim community and attribute violence to Islam. Many people hate Muslims as the rest of the Muslims are silent about the minority. When handful of Muslims resort to a terrorist attack, many other Muslims dance in the streets. EVERY FRIDAY in Iran, just after prayer the masses on the streets chanting "Death to Israel!! Death to America!!" Even if 10% of the Muslims are violent, it comes to 150million people and it is sufficient to create permanent unrest in this world.

Muslims are hated because they hate other groups within them. The prophet of Muslims was a warlord, some think that he raped woman and murdered people. Quran contains so many objectional, hate generating material. Muslims adhere to it. Muslims are offended easily and they exhibit their anger towards unconcerned people.

Muslims hate so many others, also they speak in 'weasel tongue' they say peace be upon you when they mean I want to kill you. Muslims suffer more from mistrust than from being hated. Because they are dangerous, intolerant and primitive. The muslims have been ruthless all along the history and there were times when they have destroyed countries and even states. that's why they are being hated.

Some dont hate peaceful muslims. Some dont hate Muslims. They hate the terrorists and the ones who hate others. Some people also say that Muslims are hated because of ignorance. (see Yahoo answers)


  1. Muslims are dirty. Quarrelsome. Always stay on the street and trouble neighbors. Women are subjugated. Their face is covered forcibly. Dont allow women to choose boys from other community. Not cooperative. Jealous. Not loyal to India. - these are some more reasons why Muslims are hated.

  2. Good one...See another blog which is similar to problems in India today. Conversion, Amarnath, pseudo secularism and other topics are here.