Monday, September 8, 2008

Media Watch: How letters are published in The Hindu?

It is true that The Hindu always gives preference to those letters that supports it's view-point. In this case also it published more letters condemning the Hindu organizations than those which criticized the Christian activities. Once I had asked the Hindu to state how many letters were received `for' and how many `against' Sonia Gandhi becoming Prime Minister? Because, there were more number of letters published `for' than `against'. The Hindu was for obviously reasons had published more letters which were `for'. I had written that a newspaper should not brainwash it's readers.

Out of 3 letters submitted only one was published as a truncated and altered version. I am reproducing below these letters.
Submitted The Hindu 3 Aug 2008 (Not published)
Many letters that appeared in the Hindu have repeated the Government version that the assassination of the Swami and others was committed by the Maoists and the Christians have been wrongly targeted. But the Maoists have put up posters in the area disclaiming their involvement. There is long standing feud between Hindus and the Christians on the issue of conversion and therefore insolvent of communal Christian extremists in the killing of the Swamiji is suspected. This is not to justify the attack on Christians and their properties which is reprehensible. Instead of indulging in blame game the affected communities should put their heads together to get at the root of the problem and find solution to bring long standing peace in the area.
A.Gajanana, Bangalore
Submitted on 30th Aug 2008 (Not published)
Some 45000 Catholic educational institutions throughout India were closed on Friday to protest against attacks on Christians in the Orissa violence. People would have appreciated a catholic protest against all killings including those of the Swamiji and 4 others. The Catholic institutions have a reputation in the education field. But they should not be misused for furthering religious interests in the country.

What triggered the violence was the reaction of the local population to the killing of the VHP leader. Alleged attempts to change the tribal culture through religious conversions are another reason for the resentment of locals to Christian missionaries. Therefore, the mere condemnation of the VHP, without going into the reasons for the violence, will not help to restore normality in the State.
A. Gajanana,


  1. Christians should learn how to live with Hindu people without taking conversion job. If they continue doing conversition again thing will be is time for Christians for introspection.