Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drama-2009 in Karnataka BJP.

Thayee (Ms. Sushma Swaraj) has finally spilled the beans. Ms. Swaraj said that "The crisis has put all of us to shame!" And you know what caused it? Shhhh... don't tell anyone, "It is the lack of communication on part of Yeddy."

I am tempted to relate a grand old joke about Santa and Banta. If you already know the joke, please skip the following paragraph. It's the one about horses.

Santa and Banta buy a pair of horses, one each for themselves. They have a hard time identifying which horse belongs to who because the horses look identical. Santa comes up with a brilliant idea, and suggests that he will cut-off the tail of his horse, so that the horse without tail will be Santa's and the one with a tail will be Banta's. But the children in their neighbourhood are very mischievous. Noticing Santa-Banta's predicament they play a trick and cut-off the tail of Banta's horse as well. This brings Santa-Banta back to square one. Now it is Banta's turn to make a bold gesture, and he kindly agrees to rip-off his horse's one ear. But the neighbourhood-kids are equally smart, and they rip-off Santa's horse's corresponding ear too. This continues for a few days and finally Santa and Banta have their horses whose ears, tails are all severed. Then Santa gets the idea of the century. If you want to visualize the light on Banta's face on hearing Santa's idea, recall what-an-idea-Sirji advertisement. Santa tells Banta, "Oye Banta, you take the white horse, I take the black horse".

I know you will ask, "But what has this joke got to do with this piece of news?" The answer is simple. Santa and Banta are poor-butt-of-the-jokes blokes numbering a meagre two. Nevertheless, despite all the mutilations to their respective horses, they could finally figure it out! Here we have four geniuses from the parliamentary committee of the party-with-a-difference, and do you think that they have figured it out at all? Not an iota of a chance.

The intelligence-equation is obvious: Two poor-butt-of-the-jokes blokes have much greater intelligence than four parliamentarians of BJP put together. No points for guessing what that difference is in the party-with-a-difference.

Remember that even though horses may look ugly when their ears or tails are mutilated, they can still run or pull carts. However, can political parties run if they amputate their own slogging members?

This, by no means, implies that non-BJP parties are better off than Santa-Banta. Far, very far from it. Rather, the most difficult question that the pundits are facing is: "Who is the stupidest political party of them all?", and opinion is divided on the matter. But they all agree that none from them can better Santa-Banta.

Santa-Banta were heard discussing among themselves:

1. Santa asked Banta: If BSYeddy was not communicating, why were Mr. Baligar and Ms. Karandlaje ex-communicated?

2. Banta asked Santa: Why could thayee not order her maklu to stop illegal mining business and concentrate on minding their legitimate business?

3. Santa-Banta are not feminists but they did notice a strange phenomenon! Two "He"s get into an "ego" problem, One "She" arrives to find a solution, and the solution she imposes is: another "She" has to go! So the ego-problem between two "He"s may or may not have been solved, but the ego-problem between the two "She"s must have undeniably got aggravated.

May I ask you esteemed readers with keen intelligence to help Santa and Banta?

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