Friday, November 13, 2009

W's of Hindu bashing

Hindu bashing refers to the harsh, gratuitous, prejudicial attack on Sanatana Dharma (or Hindu dharma) and anything associated with it (concepts, history, attitude and values). This article explains everything about Hindu bashing.


Many Gods (Polytheism) concept is interpreted as inferior. Varna Vyavastha is condemned as something that is inherently bad. Manusmrithi is selectively quoted and willfully misrepresented. Hindu rituals are discarded as unscientific and superstitious. Many aspects of Hindu values, dress code and lifestyle becomes subject for Hindu bashing.


From coffee table discussions to parliament discussions, from news paper articles to doctoral thesis, from private exchanges to public discourses, Hindu bashing could be seen in various shades.


Almost always, whenever social conditions are reviewed, national problems are discussed, personal or community problems are discussed Hindu bashing creeps in and sometimes takes the main stage.


Almost all of us. Some of us unknowingly. Involuntarily. Unconsciously. Those who have agenda of promotion of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Communism. Some of the Dalits who think that they are suppressed because of Hinduism and Brahmins. Some of the Brahmins who accept that Hinduism and Brahmans have exploited Shudras. Politicians who are trying to garner support of these groups. Intellectuals who are convinced of arguments built by these groups (around many distortions).


There is a belief that Hindu bashing will help promoting perceived proselytizing / Jihadi / socialistic / political / Dalit interests. Hindus take part in Hindu bashing, because it offers them the least resistance path. It is safe, non controversial and politically correct.


By arguing that social problem (ills) are the result (effect) of Hinduism. Linking problems with caste system. Implying Varna Vyavastha and equating it to untouchability. Citing examples of reported atrocities on Shudras as proof. Concluding that caste as the root cause of failing electoral system (democratic system). By Brahman bashing. Through attempts to create hatred among Shudras.

Promoting inter caste marriages as a progressive tendency. Encouraging love marriages. And remarriages. Influencing young generation towards inter religion marriages. Advocating destruction of caste. Conversion to Islam or Christianity or to Buddhism is also a method of achieving this goal.

Attempts to reduce barriers to premarital sex. Considering promiscuity not as a taboo. Single mother is a new virtue. Legalizing Homosexual, lesbian, gay relationship is a mission.

Joint family system is unacceptable. Living with parents after marriage is difficult. Taking care of old aged people is not easy. Child less couple consider adoption of destitute. But they don't want to bring up parent less children in their family. These ideas are reinforced by media, policy and public discourse. By design and by imbibed value system.

Distorting Hindu concepts – Karma, dharma, moksha, Yoga, Varna and Stree Dharma. Labelling Hindu greatness – Kula and Acara, Rituals. Repeating distorted vesrions of Hindu aspects. By initiating discussion on liberating Hindu women, uplifting of Dalits and providing freedom to individuals. Implying Hinduism as inhuman, unscientific and irrational.

Attacking RSS, Sanatana Samstha, Ananda Marg and other pro Hindu organizations. Undermining Satya Saibaba, Sri. Ravishankar, Mata Amritanandamayee, Baba Ramdev and Osho. Not recognizing people of Hindu origin.

Suppressing Samskrita. Avoiding stories from Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Distorting Manusmrithi. Ridiculing Veda study. Neglecting Ayurveda and Yoga. Hiding Hindu architecture, art, literature and achievements in science, technology and Mathematics. Institutional support to Christianity, Islam, Left ideology and Buddhists. Unreasonable restriction on Hindus – unnecessary relaxation of legal restrictions to others.

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  1. "Institutional support to Christianity, Islam, Left ideology and Buddhists."
    This is where major share of problem lies...
    Students in such institutions are mentally mutated.
    They come out with extremist ideas.
    Some of these extremists pose over as secular and so called Communists.

    "Steps required on how to overcome" from such problems should be more dealt with.
    An article focusing on "Possible approaches to overcome Ws" will be good.