Thursday, November 5, 2009

Improving Indian Democracy

Money and muscle have become part of the Indian political landscape, — the growing number of multicrore-patis in Parliament and State legislatures are witness to this as are the increasing number of politicians who have had more than a brush with the law. The amount of money spent by political parties for fighting elections has been going up steadily. If it was about a crore for a parliamentary seat a decade ago, this sum is not enough today even for contesting in an Assembly segment. It has become a general rule in national parties that wherever the party has a Chief Minister there is also a dissident faction that would like to see him or her toppled.[Neena Vyas in The Hindu]

BJP, which was considered as a party with difference is no exception. In fact, the dissidence in BJP seems to be more than that of Congress. What is the remedy for this situation?

Arun Shourie, an intellectual turned politician, advocated "RSS taking over BJP"

BJP needs radical surgery - one swift execution is better than a slow execution. The correction should be applied to whole party - Lock, stock and barrel. There should be a total transformation. RSS should take charge. Sangh had been too democratic and had given too much latitude to the party.  BJP being the most visible face, biggest instrument of RSS. It could not be left to its own devices in the current situation of drift. RSS should keep an eye on the moral conduct of the party like an eagle.[ToI, 25th Aug 2009]

The suggestion was not considered seriously. BJP considered it as an academic exercise. Even Arun Shourie did not provide the details on how RSS could take over BJP.  

The recent Karnataka political crises has again exposed the fault lines of BJP in particular and Indian politics in general. No one seems to have control over the situation and every one is help less. It appears as if no one has any role to play as the crises unfolds. Analysis of the present Karnataka situation or previous Delhi crises could be elaborately taken up. But, it is very clear that BJP will face similar crises in the near future. 

It is the duty of every one, including those who have no interest in politics, to consider suggestions and think about solutions. Nothing should be excluded without exploring. Including the suggestion of "RSS taking over BJP". 


  1. The clean image set by BJP in earlier days has gone to rocks. Yeddy breaking out and Reddys bursting out, party's failure to handle them all stage that nothing is good within.

    Every one talks about surgery, cleaning ... but who will do? when it will be done? and the buiggest question - How it is to be done?

  2. You are right, who will do the surgery? Is RSS a competent surgeon? I believe they are not.