Saturday, February 27, 2010

Budget 2010: Is Pranav a Mukherji or a Murkhaji (Foolish)

It doesn't require a genius to observe that Mr. Finance Minister is a DF(Dumb-Fuck). Well, at least as far as the individual income tax is concerned. Our bright man from Bengal has bettered another DF from his state, the Railway Minister Ms Mamata Banerji. One wonders if the members of this government are ministers or sinister(s).

While Mamata presented the Rail Budget of West Bengal, not of the Indian Union, Pranav presented the budgetary insight of a damn fool. Coming to brass tacks, leaving the zero tax limit for an individual to the previous limit of Rs. 1.6 lac is moronic. Mr FM possibly wants to better sadistic performance of his bong senior Monsieur Jyotirmoy Basu, who fortunately logged off after tormenting his motherland for about nine decades.

An "ideal balanced family" of six - grandfather, grandmother, husband, wife, and two children (a son and a daughter) - requires, at the very least, about Rs. 30,000 every month for a decent living. This makes it, Rs. 3.6 lac per annum. A small allowance, for occasional luxury should make it about Rs. 4 lac an annum. Now, circa 2010, this should be the zero tax limit. And if, as usual, other sinister members of Mr. PM's cabinet conspire to perpetrate the present inflationary trends, by circa 2011 this limit has to be pushed to Rs. 5 lac per annum.

Now, instead of this, the DF moron has "relaxed" the tax-regime, by upping the other slab limits, making some of the tax slabs wider.

We must understand a few things very clearly. The taxes are way too high, even now anyway; so widening of the slabs, albeit necessary and hence welcome, is not enough. Meaning therefore, that this government is merely reducing its sins, and is still far from being virtuous by even sufficiently low standards. And finally, the absence of any relaxation in the zero tax limit, even this penitence effect is grossly undermined.

This clearly shows that this government intends to bloody rob the "hardest working" Aam Aadami population and subsidize and sponsor the luxurious life styles of its over-sized "twittering" ministries along with the cartel of goons who will be the "real" recipients of all the affirmative action programs which this government proposes to undertake using the tax-collections.

Mr PM, FM and the accompanying DF's, where is your promise to be the government of the "Aam Aadami"?

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