Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where is our country going?

I was under the wrong impression that I was being outrageous while describing our MSM (Main Stream Media), The Government, The Political Leadership as Dumb Fucks (DFs). I realize that I have been, in fact, understating the facts. What else can explain the following?

Recently, when MF Hussein was conferred Qatar citizenship, the "whole nation" rose in support of the nonagenarian.

Exhibiting their DF-ness are: The Center, Artists from India, Sharmila Khan Pataudi, The Center once again, The inimitable N. Ram, and none other than Mr. Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of RSS!

All these asses cite "Freedom of Expression" as their argument. Well, OK, MFH needs to be allowed to publish nude pics of Hindu deities due to this clause.

Now, watch the contrast. Another "artist", by name Macha Laxmaiah alias Krantikar, also a civil rights activist, wants to warn his fellow countrymen, nay, fellow human beings in the world, of a stinker of an ideology in his book titled "Crescent over the world - is a boon or the silent Holocaust?". It results in a protest, claiming that it contained quotes from "banned" books "The Satanic Verses", and "Lajja" by authors Mr. Salman Rushdie, and Ms Taslima Nasreen. The result(?) is the "arrest" of the author and his two "helpers". I wonder, if "The Hindu" even reported this. What are MFH's "protectors", The Center, Sharmila, Artists, N. Ram, Mohan Bhagwat and so on doing?

Are Salman Rushdie, and Ms Taslima Nasreen any less artistic than MFH? Why should MFH have the "freedom of expression" but not SR or TN, or anyone else including Mr. Macha Laxmaiah?

Mark my words, I am not being outrageous when I call this whole group starting from The Center to Mr Mohan Bhagwat, a bunch of DFs. I am understating the facts.

And, I am not being outrageous even when I say that: I wish this ninety year old stinking shit-pack of a painter goes to say hello to another departed shit-pack, pain in the backside, Mr. Jyotirmoy Basu.

Where is our country going? O my people, come and save this country.


  1. You unnecessarily dragged in Pu Mohan Ji. Your ignorance of the facts is evident. You formed your opinion based on the headlines appearing in what you call the DF media.

    When asked for his opinion on MFH issue, Pu Mohan Ji clearly replied that MFH has hurt the Hindu Society and he should apologize. And he stated that RSS is not opposing his return to Bharat. This too is a fact. MFH is actually absconding because of around 30 cases filed by RSS members. RSS would rather want him to come back to Bharat and face the music rather than cooling his heels in Qatar.

  2. Mr. Puneet Goel, may I ask what Pu stands for, in "Pu Mohan ji"? For the moment, I will use MB for (Mohan Bhagwat).

    Let us take a look at the news article which I linked in my post. Some of his statements are:

    (1)Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said his organisation had no opposition to the noted painter M.F. Husain living in India.

    (2)“Why should we oppose or welcome him? He is an Indian citizen. He can come any day. The decision to grant citizenship is that of the Qatar government,”

    (3)The RSS was not against artistic freedom, but like any other freedom it too had a limit, he said.

    (4)The RSS always maintained that artistic expression should not hurt the sentiments of any section of society, he said.

    I am omitting other statements that MB made, since they are not related to the issue at hand. Also, I have numbered the statements for convenience.

    In statements (1) and (2) MB declares non-opposition. Could you please provide the news link where MB has sought "apology" from MFH? In this news item MB hasn't sought any apology. Since MB has not mentioned any conditions, we must take it that MB is expressing unconditional non-opposition.

    In statements (3) and (4) MB is talking about "artistic freedom". MB clearly states that "artistic freedom" should not hurt the sentiments of any section of society. MB expresses no views on "freedom of expression" or "freedom of speech" in general.

    In my opinion both of these standpoints are flawed.

    (a) MB should have taken this as an opportunity to, at the very least, highlight and expose the double-standards of Indian MSM (main Stream Media), The so called Artists, Intellectuals etc., and The Government. Further, MB could have used the same to mobilize and educate public opinion against these issues.

    (b) MB should have used this opportunity to bring the truth regarding certain dangerous ideologies, for example the Quran, in the domain of public debate. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, who the RSS apparently accepts as one of its guiding lights,"...Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to truth or die. Societies should be molded upon truth; truth has not to adjust itself to society... In this perspective, "artistic expression must not hurt the sentiments of any section of society" is a comment which at best sidesteps the real issue. Since, usually, there is no a priori knowledge of the truth, "Freedom of Speech" is granted to everyone. MB opines (rather RSS opines since MB is speaking on behalf of the RSS) that this freedom should be restricted lest it should hurt the sentiments of some section of the society.

    MB faltered on both of these points. If you have any other facts on the matter, please bring them to notice.

  3. I am questioning MB's stand if he is not opposing MFH's return to India. Moreover, even if he is not opposed to MFH's return, he could, possibly have declared only a conditional non-opposition. For example, MB could have said that if MFH is allowed to return, then Danish Cartoon publisher/cartoonist must also be allowed to visit India.

    I am aware of the "music" that MFH faced when he was in India. According to the same news reports, the number of cases still pending against MFH is just "3" (three) at the moment, the rest having been quashed by the respective courts. This shows that the "quality" of these cases have been poor.

    Moreover, more importantly, making someone face poorly orchestrated "music" is no substitute for a well orchestrated targeting based upon a reasonably solid principled stand. One would expect a well thought out strategic response from someone like the Head of a leading organization like the RSS, rather than wanting MFH to return to India and face music, as you have surmised.

    There are two aspects in this issue. One is the DF-media, and the other is how even those people who seemingly have "good intent" react in this DF-media.

    Now even assuming (and I repeat "assuming") that what you call "Pu Mohan ji" had the right intentions, MB's expression of the intentions have not been effective. An indication of lack of necessary home-work.

    If RSS has discovered, in all these years, that the media is DF, then it should have evolved a competent strategy to counter it. If it has not been able to evolve such a strategy, then I am afraid, it doesn't show the intellectual abilities of the RSS in any good light. And if RSS hasn't been able to discover that the media is DF, then too its intellectual insufficiency is betrayed. In either case, RSS is exhibiting its own DF-ness. MB being its head shares the blame.

  4. boss,RSS and bjp know very well what they are doing.....they are in this for many years and know things inside out is only tactical... and mind you rss never makes its tactics open ...even to its own cadres sometimes....just follow them....rss does not want a tv channel of its own...yes ,its tactical...

  5. simply join rss ...that would be better.. join professionals shakha