Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SIkhs Beheaded by Muslims

The newspaper "The Hindu" reported that two sikhs were beheaded by Pakistani Taliban. The whole report, from the above link, is copied below:


Two Sikhs beheaded

Peshawar/Islamabad: Two Sikhs who were kidnapped over a month back have been beheaded by the Pakistani Taliban in the country’s restive tribal belt in a brutal act by the militants.

Some more members of the minority community are still in the custody of the rebels.


"What's news in this?" you may ask. Watch carefully, the report calls the killers "militants". Had these killers been Pramod Mutalik's men or Shiv Sainiks, they would have been termed "Hindu Fundamentalists".

So every time you read/watch news, observe how the media is conning your subconscious against "Hinduism", while softening you towards "Islam" and other such faiths.

This also should be a message to the Sikh community (truly speaking all non-muslims), that Islam or muslims can never be, and will never be friends or well-wishers of non-muslims.

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